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Dorian Concept – I’m Your Fun

Dorian Concept creates music. Dorian Concept is a modest megalomaniac.

It´s megalomania meets modesty, creating down toned megalomania. It’s the irritation which causes clarity that evokes further irritation. Here comes the deepness of confuse funk chords, accompanied by a thundering bass cloud. Is it really modesty we are witnessing?

But do the modesty, the megalomania and the heavy synthesizer-bass sounds not irritate? They have a spatial clarity, there to irritate, but not. Should the estranged background voices be a message? No, not primarily. It’s modesty that takes centre stage supported by a straight bass drum and backed by insane jazz lines. This has got to be megalomania. But no, its roots lie in modesty. Although the deep keyboard chords are yet again tell tale signs of megalomania, an obvious sign of modest megalomania.

Do megalomania and modesty not irritate one another? The answer is no, they keep each other in balance. The heavy bass drum in-between the hectic keyboard solos and the dreamy clouds of sound accompanying them represent both modesty and megalomania. So here we go again.

Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience/Tropical Hands Teaser by affine records

Dorian Concept – Sandwich Terror by affine records

Dorian Concept – You Silly Bastard by affine records

Source: affinerecords.com
Via: xlr8r.com

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